We offer Enterprises a complete mobile presence using our whole suite of SMS products. Our clients use the SMS products in all their business process ranging right from Employee communication, Customer acquisition, retention going all the way upto customer servicing. Our Enterprise services are used by leading companies in Travel, Retail, Publishing, Media, Finance, Logistics, Entertainment, BPO and automotive industries.

Our Key SMS Products are -

01. BizBond is a business tool to build direct and deep bonds with existing customers and attract new customers. This is done by sending them opt-in-based SMS content, engaging them with interactive services and collecting their feedback. BizBond allows enterprises to reach out to each of their audience in a highly personalised and innovative manner through SMS on the mobile phone. This permission-based platform eliminates the possibility of spam, which users find intrusive.

1.1 Bulk Push solution helps enterprises send out bulk text messages at a very nominal cost. The messages can also be scheduled to be sent at a later point in time. An enterprise can use MyToday's Bulk SMS gateway either through its web-based front-end or programming interfaces. (APIs)

1.2 Permission Marketing (Invertising) helps the enterprise build relationships with existing and future customers. Imagine Advertising that is Invited, Information-oriented, Instant and One-on-One. Think Invertising! Invertising helps in building deep relationships with customers by providing information of value to customers, information which makes a positive difference to their life and thus becoming an important utility.

02. Rapid Response is a product that establishes an enterprise's SMS presence. Enterprise can setup a keyword and announce it to their customers/clients. As and when required, customers send in their support request or comments prefixed by the keyword to a shortcode. This message is then delivered to the enterprise. We offer a multi-modal delivery system: the incoming message can be sent via email to multiple recipients or sent to a URL specified by the enterprise.

03. SMS Advertising MyToday Dailies, India’s largest media on mobile using SMS has around 4 million unique subscribers receiving around 12 million SMS daily on various free content channels like NEWS, CRI, SENSEX etc. A 60-80 character advertisement can be inserted at the end of the message. Kindly go here for more details.

04. Insta Interact lets enterprises run SMS competitions and polls. With it, enterprises can take their brand to a higher pedestal. InstaInteract helps enterprises increase customer interactivity and gain valuable customer feedback without having to go out into the field. InstaInteract is a branding tool available to enterprises during a product launch and brand engagement exercise.

Product Utilization Scenarios

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Alerts and Announcements
  • Products offers and deals
  • Educating users about various services

Ethernet specifications

  • Flexible Platform for enterprise customers and SMEs using Automatic Programming Interface (APIs)
  • Gives more precise marketing and focussed communication channel to reach out to end users via SMS
  • Reliable pan-India, across all operator service
  • Server-side solution enables to send SMS in real time

Features and Benefits

  • Web based bulk SMS platform
  • Filtering with DNC list and Multiple Sender Ids
  • Ability to send long messages (more than one SMS at one go)
  • Real-time Delivery Report
  • Multiple modal publishing capacity using SMS or GPRS or Internet
  • Unmatched Technology
  • Amazing Customer Service