Features of Canteen Management system

  • Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database
  • Multiple POS terminals in each canteen
  • Choice of POS Terminals – POS Device, Time and attendance device, PC with barcode or Proxy/Mifare card reader, PC with Employee password Authentication
  • Various modes of employee identification like – Biometric (Fingerprint), Proxy card, Mifare, Barcode, password authentication
  • Visitor, Guest and contract worker approval workflow - Controlled access to canteen usage
  • User defined Multiple Canteen coupon print formats
  • Display today's menu on LCD TV terminal
  • Supports Thin clients
  • Define Menu Items with price and subsidy
  • Define Multiple Menus – Canteen and Time specific
  • Time based Auto menu – for e.g. breakfast menu during 8-10 AM, Lunch Menu during 12 to 2 PM
  • Regularization of Canteen Usage
  • Clubbed menu items - for e.g. "Meals" can have multiple items.
  • Independent POS terminal for canteens with wifi and TCP/IP connectivity
  • Validate employees/contract workers with employee card, fingerprint or barcode
  • Issue and validate Guest coupons
  • Post-paid and pre-paid canteen usage
  • Recharge pre-paid cards
  • Valid users can select food items
  • On confirmation food coupon is printed with selected items and cost
  • Canteen Incentive can be defined for specific employees and food items
  • Limit food quantity (For e.g. - an employee cannot have more than 1 lunch per day)
  • Restric canteen usage only during shift hours
  • Employee or Guest Authentication (by fingerprint, proxy card, barcode card or password)
  • Menu item selection
  • Canteen Coupon print
  • Employee identified by Time and attendance device
  • Time managed Fixed menu coupon printed on network thermal printer
  • Generate Guest food coupons
  • Regularisation utility for food usage
  • Staff, Contract worker, Guest Food usage report
  • Exception reports like “Employee absent but food consumption”

Challenges in implementing Canteen Software

Quick operations

It's important to have a Canteen software that does not add any additional time lag to the operations.


The application should be able to integrate with existing hardware (PC, TNA devices, Printers etc).


The software should be extremely reliable from the staff and canteen contractor point of view. There should be regularization possibility for missed or duplicate transactions.Youtube video Link

Data portability

A canteen management software can be installed but managing and updating Master Data like employee details is a big challenge. The application should seamlessly integrate with employee and visitor data to avoid any duplication of efforts.

Guest coupons

for Visitors, contract workers and Guests - Authorized visitors and guests should be allowed to use canteen facilities.